Part 1: Saving the data more conveniently

  • Currently applicants on Logspot and send their applications via HTML forms to us
  • We receive the applications via email and need to transfer the application data manually to our databases

  • In the future we want to get the HTML forms data saved directly in a mysql-Database (or similar) so that we do not need to transfer data manually but can directly use it online (no offline lists in Excel anymore but fresh data visible for Logspot and all the time)
  • Applicants should be able to log in and change their data in the database (not seeing other data) in case they need to update
  • Database should also save the files (CV, documents) directly in the database if possible
  • Data and database should be maximum protected with hashing etc.
  • Applicants should be able to fill in their data and indicate 10-20 skills they have. There should be an autofill function included (try the example “CSS” or “Ruby” in the skill section in the following form)

    Test Form

    Which level of German can you currently proof by a certificate?

    Note: If you do not have a document proofing your skills select "None"!

      Your education?

      Which is the title of your current job? (e.g. Sales person, welder, driver, mechanic, nurse)

      Which is your intended profession in Germany? (name up to three)

      Fill in your TOP 5 Skills - start to type ... use suggestions or your own terms.

      How many years of experience do you have for this skill?

      I agree with data protection
      I agree that employers contact me

      Please upload your CV here:

      Please upload your Language certificate here:

      Please upload your university diploma here:

    * Required

    Part 2: Then we need a simple script which reads selected data from our online database and gives an output on request by employers:

    1. We want a special page for our internal work to see and manage all data of the database
    2. We want a special page for employers who can search in selected fields of the database (skills, language, availability, age ….) and sort the output according to AND/OR selectors.
    3. So with this we want our employers to be able to search all profiles of registered users e.g. with “Java” Skills and 5-10 years of experience how have higher education.

    Later we want to add a shopping function to this: Employers shall be entitled to select candidates and directly “buy” them.